Professional Services

FASA is dedicated to providing our customers with support across all areas of operation. Our array of professional services ensures a smooth and smart process from phase-in to phase-out. Our staff members are experienced professionals prepared to support our customer in meeting project goals at the highest level of efficiency in both time and cost. FASA supports our clients by creating and implementing comprehensive acquisition planning, developing tests and training operations, and conducting thorough analyses & assessments. We provide professional solutions in the areas of:

  • Acquisition Planning
  • Analyses & Assessments
  • SETA and A&AS
  • Administrative/Financial
  • Program Management
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Test and Training Operations
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Public Affairs

Fusion Program Solutions (FPS) – FPS is a unique program that employs Program / Project managers who have true SME (subject matter expertise) in the various technological disciplines required by our clients. This program helps ensure that we maximize utilization of technology, increase flexibility, and reduce total overall cost for our customers. FASA offers Program/Project Management PLUS(+) Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in these fields:

  • Telecommunications
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • SDN (Software Defined Networking)
  • Traffic Engineering

FASA provides in depth auditing of expenditures in our areas of expertise, using a combination of predictive analytic technology and human expertise in these areas:

  • Communications - data, voice, wireless and convergence
  • Energy - Electricity and Natural Gas
  • Healthcare - Both the organizations providing coverage and the service providers